All of us knows that we also need trees in order to help us stay alive. This is due to the fact that trees provide us with the right amount of oxygen that we can breathe as well as keep the quality of our air clean. As a matter of fact, humans wouldn’t be able to live without trees. This is because each tree in our environment plays a really big part in balancing the ecosystem of our planet.

Reasons Why We Need the Presence of Trees to Survive

In fact, trees range in a wide variety of color, shape and size. Each of these features actually has its own advantages as well as lets organisms and all other living things to not only survive, but also, to thrive. Most of the time, this is because of the process, which is called the photosynthesis, where a tree takes in natural carbon dioxide and light, and then releases the right amount and quality of oxygen into the air. Aside from that, humans also work really well with all kinds of trees since the moment we breathe, we also release carbon dioxide.

1. Trees Help Create Our Homes

We all know that trees can be able to provide shelter for a lot of animals. Squirrels and birds are actually the best example for this since both species live on trees for their entire lives. Aside from that, trees don’t only provide shelter, but they also produce enough food for humans and animal as well. For example, koala bears mostly eat the leaves of a eucalyptus tree. Fruits and nuts also provide food for people, and small rodents as well. Trees can also produce fungi, seeds, as well as other edible plants.

This is actually considered as one of the biggest reasons why a lot of humans are not in favor of cutting down the trees in our environment. This is because the trees can also help us to gather food and breathe in quality air, it’s also important that you make conscious decisions regarding with the improvement or preservation of our environment.

2. Trees Can Provide Medicine

Some kinds of trees are also well-known for their healing features. As a matter of fact, extensive studies have allowed people to learn more about the medical advantages of trees as well as get the most out of these properties. Here are some examples of trees, which can be used medicinally.

  • Alder is often found in wetlands, yet it’s usually utilized as a wash for deep wounds in order for it to heal faster. Aside from that, tea can also be made out of it in order to reduce high fever.
  • Birch trees can help with psoriasis and 

    crypto mixing eczema problems. It’s usually made into a tea, which can help heal mouth sores and it can also be used as a natural laxative.

  • Beech trees can be used in a lot of medicines and these are mostly used during pregnancy. It can also help with lung problems.

Trees can really give us a lot of benefits, which is why you should make sure that you are able to maintain and care for your trees and the environment through hiring a professional tree care service provider or if needed, a skilled Tree removal Pittsburgh PA.