Food is an important part of the body, it helps power the body so it can go on do the things it wants without any worries. So, just because your body is eating something doesn’t mean that you are doing it a lot of favor. You can eat tons of food, but give it bad rapport still. Some individuals even take health products Harper Woods to help sustain nutrients their body needs.

So, here are some list of foods that would totally satisfy your inner health nut self.


Fruits are especially healthy for you if they are completely organic. Fruit is a lot more expensive than your think. Here is a list of fruits you should try to stock your pantry every few days. It isn’t a good idea to buy a lot of fruit for the whole week as it could go rotten and that is something that should be avoided.

a. Avocado – if you like healthy fats this is the fruit for you. Avocado is loaded with the fats, some potassium and even Vitamin C.

b. Apples – you know what they say an apple a day keeps the doctors away. Apples are perfect for snacking, they are very high in fiber and other vitamins as well antioxidants that is perfect for the body.

c. Strawberries- one of the most delicious fruits in existence, it’s perfect to try things out with it too plus it’s really beneficial to your skin.

d. Blueberries- if you want a fruit with a powerful kick of antioxidants, you are in for a treat blueberries is a powerhouse when it comes to antioxidants.


Eggs are very much a great staple for health nuts. It helps even more if they are organic, so, if you want that then that would work well for you. Eggs are known to be great for hair and skin as well.


Chicken is one of the healthier versions of meat out there. It is low in fats but rich in protein so if that is your goal, go for the chicken. Go for the breast part of the chicken because that is where the proteins richest part is field.


A great addition to your diet is nuts and seeds. They are perfect for snacking or as side dishes if you’d like. Here are a list of nuts or seeds to eat.

a. Almonds – rich in antioxidant and loaded with Vitamin E this is a nut you would probably enjoy in the daily.

b. Peanuts – yet again a legume that is rich in antioxidant that could help you lose weight.

c. Walnuts- again rich in antioxidant and other things like fiber and other nutrients.


Vegetables are one of the foods that pack really good when it comes to nutrients. You might feel like you are herbivore if you like to become vegetarian but there is nothing wrong with that either. It’s always nice to try out a few things until you figure out what you like the most.