It’s very important to know that all pallets don’t fit the same applications. Prior to purchasing pallets from any pallet provider or pallet exchange program Houston, it’s very important that you consider these following factors and you should take it into consideration:

  • The weight of goods being shipped
  • Shipping destination
  • Equipment compatibility
  • Pallet’s life expectancy
  • Management needs of pallets

1. The Weight of Goods Shipped

The pallet that you should choose should be capable of supporting the materials’ weight being shipped. Basically, wooden pallets with block style can be able to carry heavy weight while plastic pallets are more weather-resistant, stackable, clean and also durable. However, plastic pallets can cost 10 times compared to hardwood pallets so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons prior to purchasing one for your shipping needs.

2. Shipping Destination

If you’re going to ship your goods overseas, chemically treated pallets or heat-treated pallets are necessary in order for the goods to be protected from mold, pesticides, or rot during the shipping process.

3. Equipment Compatibility

Try to find out if pallets travel along other automated warehouse system or a conveyor in your organization. This is because the main role or purpose of pallets to other good handling equipment including pallet jacks or forklifts will help a lot in determining the proper size or style of the pallet.

4. Pallet’s Life Expectancy

You should also try to find out if the pallet needs to have the ability to endure extreme handling and shipping conditions over different uses. This will help a lot in determining what certain kind of pallet to use for your business.

5. Management Nees of Pallets

While a lot of pallet service providers nowadays can be able to help you in choosing the right pallets for your business based on the factors we have mentioned above, it’s still best to take into consideration whether they can be able to offer you an uninterrupted and continuous supply of the pallet that you have chosen. Usually, needs tend to arise in the most unexpected manner and certain companies might have a heavy and unplanned demand for different kinds of pallets.

That is the reason why you have to make sure that you partner with a reliable and truly professional pallet provider, which can be able to deliver high-quality pallets within the given time frame. Aside from that, it’s also best that you look for a pallet provider in your area that can be able to help you a lot in managing the inventory of your pallet in an effective and reliable manner so that you won’t ever have to worry about pallet shortage.

Certainly, this is the last thing that you want to happen in your business. So, the next time you need pallets for shipping your goods, it’s best that you only trust a professional, reputable, and highly experienced pallet service provider in your area for you to have a hassle-free shipping and stress-free business operation of your goods.